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On May 14, 2023/ Mother's Day, #WE presented the pilot sample episode of "#Sheroes;the world's LARGEST female tribute"on FilAmTV broadcast globally to 1.5 billion people. It was a 57 minute broadcast. The #Sheroes pilot was hosted by The Asian Goddesses ( Arlene McGrew; Vanessa McGrew and Kaitlin McGrew). Here is the link to view it.

On August 9, 2023/ Women's Day, the 2nd installment of #Sheroes will be even bigger & better and aired for 2-3 hours.

On Thanksgiving Day 2023, the 3rd installment of #Sheroes will air nationally & globally on multiple platforms for 4 hours.


These 3 dates will be annual events on these dates for "#Sheroes;.the largest female tribute" telecasts globally.

Nominate YOUR #Sheroe so #WE can honor them and pay tribute on the NEXT #Sheroes global TV telecast! 
Send YOUR nomination in a video to, or through the Contact page of this website. Be sure and leave us all of your Contact info so we can contact you and get all the correct info and back story on YOUR #Sheroe!

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