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DJ Joe Smooth is Director/ Film Editor of #WeR1

Radio Mix, DJ Joe Smooth is quite known in London, and has projects done with Chaka Khan, Bobby Jones, Destiny's Child, Omarion, etc. Joe Smooth has combined forces with #WeR1 creator, Lowell Beasley, to film, edit and produce the new #WeR1 TV series that will present different episodes and different celebs each week , with a constantly growing and expanding list of stars about to break, past icons and legends, stars on the rise and stars just beginning, all mixed together in unity to create #WeR1.

The end goal is a huge 72 hour concert, the world's largest virtual concert, launching over July 4 weekend called #WeR1 Unity. The virtual concert was created from the new norm of the " stay at home", " lockdown", Quarantine" concerts , or as I -Heart radio produced,

" Living Room Concerts".

#WeR1 is a mixture of stay at home " live" concerts, pre-recorded concerts, or " live" concert footage from the past mixed with music videos of the artists. The artist participants will generally send intros, shout-outs or their own oral submissions to inspire, empower and incite unity. It is a multi-artist, multi-genre presentation.

R & B legends Alexander O'Neal and Alyson Williams have signed on as the celebrity hosts , off-setting the #WE hosts, Aileen Lopez and Jessica Mendoza, the artist known as Black Pearl.

Black Pearl is credited as a Producer on the project and it was actually her who reached out and got Joe Smooth involved as Joe Smooth is her producer/ manager.

#WeR1 is launching a 30 weekly TV series starting tomorrow night on The NOW Network as a promo and infomercial leading up to "the world's largest virtual concert" on May 16. The weekly TV series airs every Friday night at 12 midnight (ET); 11 pm ( CT) and 9 pm ( PT). The 3rd and 4th episodes are being filmed this week in London and Washington, DC.

The July 4 extravaganza will not be a one-time event as #WeR1 will be a huge global telecast quarterly, airing every 3 months with different themes and various causes.


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