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#Sheroes Pays Tribute to Music #Sheroe Taylor Swift

It was recently polled by a major organization that over 50% of the USA population identifies as a Taylor Swift fan. Her waiting list for tour dates would fill 900 arena dates. Taylor Swift has drawn more fans than any female artist in history.

Women Empowerment Movement pays tribute to Taylor Swift as one of its #Sheroes in its new TV event called " #Sheroes; the largest female tribute" airing its introductory one hour pilot on Mother's Day, May 14.

#Sheroes is a thrice yearly and annually a 3 TV special salute to all the female heroes out there, both known and unknown, but specifically those unknown.

The theme and twist of #Sheroes is to have celebrities pay tribute to the unknown female heroes and NOT the vice versa. #Sheroes wants to recognize the unknown female vets, teachers, nurses, medical personnel, etc. that normally would not receive recognition.

#Sheroes is recruiting video nominations from the general public as to who was a life changing female heroe to them. Their #Sheroe ( or female hero) can be living or deceased, from the past or present, family or stranger, known or unknown. The theme is inspiration and empowerment. Who did you find inspired or empowered you in your life?

People wanting to nominate their own #Sheroe should send their video nomination to The details and connects are on the website

#Sheroes will air a one hour introductory pilot this May 14 on Mother's Day as a pilot for a much larger, much bigger #Sheroes on August 9 ( Women's Day) with ANOTHER huge #Sheroes on Thanksgiving. #Sheroes is planning a 20 city all-star celebrity tour, an 8 week docu-series and an unprecedented campaign to show, and honor everyday #Sheroes as an inspiration and empowerment.

After all, it IS presented by the Women Empowerment Movement.

On Mother's Day, segments by #AGT Champion Kodi Lee, and Silk lead vocalist " Lil G"

( Gary Jenkins) will be shown as well as celebrity homage to Taylor Swift, Kamala Harris, Liz Cheney, Lauren Daigle, Beyonce and others.

The inaugural pilot on Mother's Day will be hosted by Arlene McGrew and her own daughters, Kaitlin McGrew and Vanessa McGrew who are the Executive Board of Women Empowerment Movement, as well as the combined stars of an upcoming reality show built around them called " The Asian Goddesses".

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