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#WE Announces Sherine Zaza #WE National Host For Women's Day Launch

Transformation Coach and beauty pageant winner, Sherine Zaza, ( Mrs. Syria; Mrs.Global Ambassador, etc.) is hosting 500 women coaches, speakers and teachers as she hosts the national launching of the #WE movement in Los Angeles on March 5, 2022. #WE is inviting all women and / or empowerment causes to join her and and the #WE movement in this exciting national launching.

Sherine Zaza is a trusted and renowned global transformational coach and the perfect host for #WE in this exciting national launch in L.A.

This national #WE launch will be also a nationally distributed TV event on Women's Day/ March 8, called " #WE Women's Day Tribute".

Many internationally known women like Crystal Privett (Mrs. United Kingdom; Mrs. Fashionista; CREA Award Recipient; 3X Best Selling Author; Role Model of the Year; CEO-Mindset Service) and Sully Weerakkoddy ( Mrs. Latina Global 2018-2019; CEO-VRA Energy Company; Founder-The domestic violence charity in Los Angeles.) Vicki Abreu ( Exec. Director/ Women Empowerment Movement), and many other celebrity women life coaches; recording artists; TV stars etc., altogether celebrating women on Women's Day on national TV.

A physical event in Los Angeles is being planned and organized by Sherine Zaza for March 5 ( pending COVID crowd restrictions.)

#WE is the nation's largest #empowerment campaign and the official Women Empowerment Movement title holder as the umbrella brand for the over 3000 women empowerment groups nationally.In 2020, #WE expanded its inclusionary brand to encompass ALL empowerment causes, all genders, cultures, races and issues.

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